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FullValue Title Search
$99 - Any state - 12-72 hours

In-Person Records Search - Our title researchers visit the local title records, retrieving current ownership and liens. 4000+ title searchers cover every county, every day.
Liens & Judgements: Listing of recorded liens, tax certificates, and claims against the property.
Current owner: ID of the actual owner of the subject property, and ownership structure, (joint, individual, trust..)
Purchase price / date: Reveals what the current owners paid, seller information, and deed document details.
Mortgage amount: Mortgage details for open loans against the property, with lender name, amounts, and dates.
Copy of current deed showing conveyance, with abstract of all current liens, mortgages, and recorded documents.
Legal and Vesting Fully typed property legal description, with official county stamp of recording.

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Fully abstracted professional title search, for attorneys, title companies, and investors. - Rush orders welcomed

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